Be a Clown, the famous song says. Now the age-old clown routines that have been seen on stage for more than a century are getting the digital treatment. Media Clown, brings to life the traditional clown routines of the past with an added digital landscape that lets the clown performers exist in both the physical and virtual worlds. A cross-university project between behind-the-scenes learning institution, Backstage Academy and the University of Iowa, Media Clown, the newest digital technologies are integrated with century-old analogue clown routines. The performance will be a part of 2019 Prague Quadrenniel taking place June 6-16 as part of the event's PQ Studio. The show revolves around the silent escapades of a professional clown, who, through repeated complications with the technology and his music stand, finds himself thrust into a digital world, unable to escape the virtual version of himself. The clown's movements are captured by Perception Neuron Pro and combined with real-time tracking from BlackTrax with data streamed into Notch VFX.