Noitom recently attended the inaugural Cultural Digi Summit hosted by Michigan State University with the Smithsonian Latino Center at MSU's College of Arts & Sciences from February 23-24. MSU's immersive media studio at the School of Journalism uses a lot of our mocap to create content and communicate with audiences in interactive ways. MSU has been working with Smithsonian Latino Center in helping them find ways to illustrate Latino narratives. One of the projects they are working on revolves around traditional Latino dances, and using Perception Neuron's mocap as a way to capture dance movements. Members of the Smithsonian were given a presentation about the technology and were also able to try it for themselves. This event was a great opportunity for everyone to connect and to discuss ideas about how to use technology to enrich cultural experiences. We want to thank everyone at MSU, especially Professor Stacey Fox for help putting this all together. Updates soon!